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Piedmont Tennis Association Tournament
3rd Annual P-TAT November 15 - 17, 2019
View Pics From the 2019 Tournament HERE
Stay tuned for details for the next edition of the P-TAT
View the 2019 Website HERE 
The 3rd Annual P-TAT (Piedmont Tennis Association Tournament) was held November 15 - 17, 2019, with all net proceeds going toward improving the facility at Sharon Lester Tennis Center @ Piedmont Park. Looking forward to seeing everyone next year!

2019 P-TAT Winners

Men's (A) Doubles


1st Place: Joseph Powell/Paul Wilson 


2nd Place:  Rafael Alvarez/James Pressley 



Men's (B) Doubles


1st Place: Danilo Lobo Dias/Tom Shalloe


2nd Place: Jeremy Bowen/Eric Holder



Women's (B) Doubles 


1st Place: Courtney Stephenson/Sarah Poole


2nd Place: Lisa Warren/Laney Sneed




Mixed  (A) Doubles


1st Place: Elizabeth Tullis/Tim Maldonado


2nd Place: Anita Jain/James Pressley



Mixed (B) Doubles


1st Place: Sarah Poole/Jeremy Bowen


2nd Place: Judy Fleming/E.L. Taylor

View the 2018 Website HERE

The 2nd Annual P-TAT (Piedmont Tennis Association Tournament) was held May 10-12, 2018, with all net proceeds going toward improving the facility at Sharon Lester Tennis Center @ Piedmont Park. Thanks to everyone who participated, and below is a list of the 1st and 2nd place winners.

View PICS from the 2018 Tournament.

View PICS from the 2017 Tournament.

2018 P-TAT Winners

Men's 4.0 (A) Doubles

1st Place: John France/Marcus Vu 

2nd Place: Kais Hadj Taieb/Samuel Turner 

Men's 3.5 (B) Doubles

1st Place: Ramkumar Sangameshwar/Jonathan Schaefer 

2nd Place: Austin Jones/Thomson Mai

Men's 3.0 (C) Doubles

1st Place: Gary Jones/Andrew Puente

2nd Place: Jesus Mata-Acosta/Michael Warren

Women's 3.5 (B) Doubles 

1st Place: Connie Divine/Lisa Durham 

2nd Place: Martine Delcroix/Lubica Pethoova

Mixed 3.0 (C) Doubles

1st Place: Susan Gambardella/Mark Gambardella

2nd Place: Paola Ramirez/Emanuel Taylor

Mixed 4.0 (A) Doubles

1st Place: Navilla Paul/Kenneth Pressley

2nd Place: Robbie Leis/ Bailey Rader

Mixed 3.5 (B) Doubles

1st Place: Thomson Mai/Evelyn Zagami

2nd Place: Martine Delcroix/Mike Natale

2017 P-TAT Winners

Men's Doubles A

1st. Chris Knight / Robert Scott

2nd. Beaury Talley / David Auerbach


Men's Doubles B

1st. Ed Huse / Ben Brock

2nd. Bryan Craig / Nathaniel Hoden


Men's Doubles C

1st. Kyle Brock / Mike Natale

2nd. Adam McCallum / Gary Jones


Mixed Doubles A

1st. Laurie Stephens / Beaury Talley

2nd. Melanie Freeman / William Pearce


Mixed Doubles B

1st. Thomson Mai / Tracey Austin

2nd. Andrea Adams / Davon Cannon


Mixed Doubles C

1st. Chrissy Reed / Nolan Reed

2nd. Lisa Warren / Michael Warren


Women's Doubles C

1st. Dayvee Sutton / Tatiana Mihailova

2nd. Ashley Wilson / Chrissy Reed

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