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Friday Night Round Robin Events

Schedule and Detail

RESERVATIONS: You must email to make a reservation for the Round Robin


Intro/Warm-Up Drill
6:30 – 7pm – Arrive, Check in, and meet fellow players, “To the Left" Doubles Drill


Warm-Up Drill
7pm – 7:20 – Warm up drill – “To the Left" Doubles Drill - Meet fellow players, scout partners

7:20 – 7:30 – Assign/choose partners and courts, review Match rules


Doubles Round Robin Match Play Schedule
7:00 – 7:20 – First match
7:20 – 7:40 – Second match
8:20 – 8:40 – Third match
8:40 – 9pm – Fourth & final match
9pm – Close up

General information

1.    Come alone or with a partner; you will be matched with players of similar skill levels
2.    Balls are provided; all players need to do is show up with a racket.
3.    For Registration: Email us at

4.    Walk-ups also welcome: "NOTE" Please register in advance if you can so we can notify you if there is no space left (you will be placed on a wait list)

5.    The cost is $15. This event is open to the General Public & is held at the Sharon Lester Tennis Center.

6.    Play is fun & competitive; players should refrain from aggressive behavior; line call disputes should be settled amicably

Match Play Rules:
1.    Doubles play
2.    At the end of 20 minutes, the team with the most games won moves up one court, and the other team moves down one court
3.    The balls always remain on the same court, regardless of how players move
4.    General rule is to stick with your partner for 1st & 2nd match; if one team wants to switch partners with another team and both agree, that’s fine. Everyone changes partners after the 2nd match, and the general rule is to stick with your partner for 3rd & 4th match 
5.    The first time a player serves, they can choose either FBI or 3 practice serves. After that normal serving applies

6.    There are no ‘ad’ games. First team to 4 points wins the game
7.    Players do not switch court sides after odd games, each team remains on the same side.
8.    Players spin a racquet to determine who will have the option to serve first. Whichever team serves first, the opposite team has their choice of which side of the court they want
9.    If teams are tied in games when the whistle blows at the end of 20 minutes, then regardless of the score of the current game, the current server serves once more and one final point is played to determine who wins (winner of the point is considered the winning team)


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